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MaxTank is an Australian company focused upon providing highly mobile and innovative engineering solutions for the Oil, gas and Mining Industries. Our first major project has been the design, development and implementation of the MaxTank expandable fluid storage tank.

The MaxTank has been quickly followed by the MaxShack, a large building that's easy to move without a crane or forklift and also the MaxTrak which can be used to safely and easily move large equipment (and can be used by both the MaxTank and the Maxshack).

We are also a provider of optimisation services to local industry and are regularly involved in new product development and engineering.


We're are preparing to commission two new second generation MaxTanks (MT2500) which are in the final stages of construction. Version One (MT2000) has independent caterpillar tracks and a hydraulic powerpack permanently installed. The MT2500 can be opened and closed with a loader or a forklift and is also slightly larger than the MT2000. The latest model holds 500 bbls more than the MT2000 which means that it now holds the same amount of fluid as 5 conventional frac tanks and yet can be still transported on a single trailer.

MaxTank is also looking at improving sumpless drilling systems. We're developing an automated cuttings handling system that collects and stores ALL cuttings in 1 or more large bags which can be left to dry on location and subsequently land-spread when the lease is rehabilitated at a later date. This eliminates the need to dig sumps and minimises expensive remediation. Vacuum trucks are no longer needed and expensive disposal operations during drilling are greatly reduced.

MaxTank has an expansion plan in place and we are looking to be well positioned once the industry regains its momentum. We're developing a smaller and lighter MaxTank that can be moved by helicopter and yet hold almost 800 bbls! And a design for a large volume fuel bunker using MaxTank technology will be available next year

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