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Maxtank is led by a board of Oil & Gas and Mining industry professionals with over a century of experience specialising in product development, operational efficiency, business development, and customer service. Their focus is innovation and efficiency, bringing unique mobile water storage, fluid management and rapid deployment housing solutions for mining, oil & gas and disaster relief.

Tim Meyer


Tim Meyer has 24 years of product development and operations management experience within the oil & gas and coal mining industries. He is a research and development specialist, delivering innovative optimisation solutions for a diverse array of companies including the CSIRO, BHP-Billiton, Santos, BG, Shell, and Ruspetro.

David Shakhovskoy


David Shakhovskoy has over 15 years experience as a Drilling and Completions Engineer in the oil & gas industry across 6 continents. He has extensive experience in the prototyping, testing and field installation of new oilfield products and brings a focus on reliability to the development of fluid management solutions for the industry. David has expertise in the mixing and storage of fluids for HPHT applications and his experience with heli-rig drilling in the highlands of PNG has been critical in the development of the Maxtank as a heli-transportable water tank.

Garry Rowe


Garry Rowe has 35 years’ experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications with broad industry experience including oil & gas, utilities, land Information and mining. He worked as a Consulting Manager for a World Bank Project in Indonesia and a Project Manager for Asian Development Bank Project in the Philippines where he saw the need for the development of robust but portable housing for use during humanitarian crises. Garry leads the development of the Maxtank rapid deployment housing concept, for use in disaster relief, military camps and mining camps.

Graham Dunsby

Graham Dunsby

Graham Dunsby has 35 years experience in the oil, gas and geothermal industries througout the world. He spent 27 years at Halliburton where he specialised in cementing and stimulation. After leaving Halliburton he moved into a consulting role with a variety of operators around Australia but retained a keen interest in fracking equipment and water logistics. He then founded his own water management business specializing in mobile water storage, portable tanks, water treatment and other fluid handling equipment. He developed and patented the Flexipond which revolutionized the fracking industry, creating zero disturbance, low cost mobile water storage which is now the benchmark in the Australian onshore oilfield. In 2014 Graham founded Maxtank and continues bringing innovation to the drilling, completion and fracturing support industry.

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