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Two new MaxTanks have almost been completed and are currently undergoing testing. After painting and inspection the two tanks will be ready for shipment later this month.

As part of our planned expansion, MaxTank is adding new tanks to its fleet on a regular basis. Although the slow down in the oil and gas sector has reduced demand we plan to keep to our plans to continually bring new products to the market.

The two new tanks have been built and were recently tested in the workshop.

Load testing #3 during tank opening.

Testing has now been completed and the units are being painted.Once completed, both tanks will have the liner system installed and hydraulically tested for 14 days. They should become available for rental in September

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Scientists Suggest Aliens Are Harnessing Energy From This Star

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction as the old adage goes. Scientists at Penn State studying a distant star called KIC 8462852 have released a new study postulating that based on the light it is emitting, an alien race may have constructed a massive device to that harnesses the power of the star. The theory is that the aliens have constructed a shell or semi-shell (a swarm in the jargon of the study) around the star and are siphoning off its power slowly over time. If this sounds like something out of an episode of Star Trek, then you are not far off.

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Rothman: Oil Prices to Surge To Over $85 By End of 2016

Oil prices could surge above $85 a barrel by the end of this year, according to analysis by Michael Rothman, considered to be one of the most astute oil experts on Wall Street, CNBC reports.

Rothman heads the research firm Cornerstone Analytics, through which he advises governments from all over the world, the oil-rich Saudi royal family and its affiliates, and energy firms.

Barrel prices hit a 13-year low on the 11th February this year. Last week, they surged to above $50—the first time they have done so since July last year. The Nasdaq price for a barrel of Brent oil stood at $50.20 on Monday.

The Qatari head of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has said previously that new investment in the sector requires barrel prices to rise above $65.

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