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Because of their rugged design and ease of handling both the MaxTank and the MaxShack are well suited to military applicaations. When configured for diesel (with fuel bladders inside the MaxTank structure) the MaxTank holds almost 1600 Bbls (68,00 gallons, 255,000 liters) and offers a secure structure that protects the contents.

The same structural security holds true for the MaxShack with multiple office, accommodation and mess configurations available. With rapid deployment the MaxTanks and MaxShacks can be set up in a matter of hours. Unless the ground conditions are extremely poor, neither structure requires any foundations or pads.

Movable by Helicopter

Both the MaxTank and MaxShack are also available in a lightweight 20" (6.3m) version which makes it possible for them to be mobilized/demobilized by helicopter. With these configurations the MaxTank can hold 500 Bbls (21,00 gallons, 80,000 liters) of fluid while the MaxShack offers around 36m2 of usable floor space.
This makes the MaxShack and MaxTank accessible to any remote and environmentally challenging locations in the world. Because either stucture is constructed in steel or aluminum they can easily be used as permanent installations requiring little or no foundations. This makes them ideal to accommodate personnel, operational offices, command centres, maintenance workshops and general storage facilities. Much easier and cheaper than building a conventional structures but still able to withstand the most extreme environments.

Whatever you're requirements in the field, MaxTank and MaxShack can offer you cost saving solutions. We have a team standing by ready to give you a customized proposal for any job type.

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