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The MaxTank is an (internationally) patent-pending fluid storage unit that transports as a standard 40’ shipping container and deploys to provide over 400,000 litres (2,500 barrels) of liquid storage. The driving force behind the conception of the MaxTank has been the push from local industry for lower-cost operations and reductions in the environmental impact. Benefits of using the MaxTank include:

  • 75% less transportation than conventional tanks.
  • Minimal land disturbance.
  • No excavation or government restrictions
  • No delays waiting on permits or permission
  • No engineering of pits or ponds
  • No ongoing maintenance
Transportation Cost Savings

Mobile water storage is often associated with the pains of excessive transportation costs. By using a MaxTank you can achieve significant savings not only with cheaper daily storage costs but also with greatly reduced mobilization and demobilization costs. The graph on the right (click to enlarge) illustrates the potential savings per trip using the 2,500 barrel MaxTank compared to traditional 450 barrel frac tanks.

For maximum portability the Maxtank is designed to fit on a standard trailer, road train or winch truck. Having "container-standard" dimensions mean that it can be transported by a standard prime mover without the need for special permits or an escort. Rapid deployment is essential to minimize both transport and labour costs. Once on location, the Maxtank can be opened up and be ready for filling within two hours.

Environmental Benefits

Eliminating the need to dig large volume ponds or turkey's nests is a great benefit as there is no need for excavation or sub-surface disturbance. Post job rehabilitation costs and paperwork is significantly reduced. Maxtanks require minimum ground preparation and their mobility allows for placement in numerous locationswith a very light footprint.

As many portable fill lines as required can be positioned anywhere on the tank and multiple large diameter suctions can also be installed. This ensures that MaxTanks can be rapidly filled and emptied at high rates (during fracturing operations or emergency response situations for example).

savings graph
no more digging
no more digging

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The MaxTank is sized as a 40' container with the same transport lugs enabling it to be shipped by rail, road and sea as a container.
savings graph

Australian Mobilization/Demobilization Costs

The chart above shows savings in AUD that can be achieved purely on transportation costs by using the MaxTank instead of traditional frac tanks. Please note that these prices assume that mutliple frac tanks can be transported as a road train (even though in most cases this is not the case).... Download the data..excel

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