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The MaxShack is a unique portable building based on Maxtank's patented folding technology which makes it possible for a large building (145 m2) to be transported on a standard semi trailer. Its robust design gives it the feel and appearance of a permanent building despite being highly mobile.

It is a versatile, innovative, easily transportable and custom engineered 12m (40 feet) high-top container sized building that can be deployed to its full size of 12m x 12m by only 2 persons in 4 hours without a crane or forklift.

Oversized - Conventional shack (60 m2)
The MaxShack Concept
Maxshack setup in car park (145 m2

The MaxShack design provides for rapid deployment due to its world-wide standard transportation requirements and proven durability. Transport lugs enable it to be shipped by rail, road and sea, as a container. The same lugs allow for the installation of a second level if desired with a spiral staircase or external stairs for access.

The MaxShack prototype currently being developed is aligned to the same engineering principles and design as the successfully developed and in use Maxtank. It comes with insulated walls, convenient fold out floating floor and a built in expanding roof, secure louvre windows and 4 doors. A ring main, water and waste pipes are also permanently installed in walls.

Multipurpose Applications

The MaxShack is highly customizable and can be fitted out for many uses:

Temporary accommodation: Emergency services command centre, Bushfire response team, Police Operations, Disaster Management and Rescue Operations

Permanent accommodation: Refugee camps (which can be configured for sleeping for upto 24 bunk beds, communal areas complete with kitchen/dining with the added benefits of being able to relocate in 3 hours

Events: An alternative to a large Marquee setup for weddings, public functions or concerts

Schools: Permanent or a temporary movable structure for schools in developing countries, a portable school for remote areas, temporary replacement of a school building i.e. in the event of fire.

Benefits of MaxShack

Once on site the MaxShack is positioned on the ground using the truck's own swing lift gear and is setup in four hours. Advantages are: -


Whether used as Rapid deployment housing, remote location accommodation or camps or at shows or gigs, the MaxShack remains the most effective and economical temporary building available.

The MaxShack Standards

The MaxShack's Oil & Gas pedigree makes it a tough mobile building that has the strength and durability of a permanent structure and the building standards applied to all Maxshack installations reflect this:

Roof Floor
Sliding 'A-frame' design with corrugated panels or fold out canvas.
Solar panels or flexible solar sheeting can also be added
30mm sandwich ceiling panels
Steel frame - 4mm thick cold rolled steel
Floor covering - 5mm PVC flooring
Floor Board water resistant OSB
Walls Windows
Exterior Cladding
50mm rockwool or PU insulation
5mm Interior cladding
PVC or Aluminium frames
Double-layer glass (reinforced)
Optional Low-E insulated glass
Doors Water
Steel or Aluminium frame
Wood or aluminium door
Cold and Hot water plastic pipes plumbed into wall cavity on 3 walls (rear and both sides)
Waste Electrical
Grey water waste plumbed into 3 walls
Black water waste from rear wall.
CEE Socket & Plug - 16A-50A; IP44-IP67
Conductor Sizes - 1.5 mm2 up to 10 mm2
Rated Voltage - 110V-240V
Circuit Breaker - 10A/250V
Light Fittings - As required
Standard: CE/AS/CSA/PSE/UL
Ethernet cabling on 3 walls.

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