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The MaxShack is ideal for Events and Exhibitions as it can be deployed quickly and easily and has the appearance and attributes of a permanent structure enabling it to offer a wide range of solutions to deliver an interactive and engaging environment for your next event.

Our team can partner you to deliver a superior environment for your exhibitors and visitors. Being fully customizable the MaxShack can be tailored to exactly fit your requirements for indoor or outdoor functions and events. We can provide all the interior furniture and equipment that you might require:-

Easily Customizable

Our unique design gives you almost unlimited layout options. You have complete flexibility in your interior layout plus options to add a second and third storey for use as a balcony and/or a roof terrace if desired. The MaxShack modular design also makes it easy to expand your layout by adding more MaxShacks...............

Built for ALL environments

The MaxShack's steel construction makes it as robust as a permanent building whilst still retain the flexibility and mobilityof a temporary structure. Consequently the Maxshack is equally at home providing living and work quarters in a 50 Deg desert, inside at an exhibition or hosting guests at a lawn party. Insulated walls and ceilings provide ample thermal protection for both indoor and outdoor use.

Attention to Detail

The MaxShack is built to Australian standards (see Maxshack details) and full certification will be provided prior to delivery. We can also take care of any equipment or furniture that you have specified or supplied by a third party.

Onsite delivery

The MaxShack will arrive at your location together with a two man crew who will deploy the MaxShack as per your instructions. We will take care of any transport logistics (if any). Upon arrival, a standard installation (ie MaxShack erected and roof and floor installed) should only take 2 to 3 hours. The crew can also stay and install any customed furniture or equipment required. deal with any delivery restrictions or limitations.

Speedy Rig-down and demobilization

Once completed, our crew will return and rig down the MaxShack(s) and any ancillary equipment within 1 day - Job Done.

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