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In emergency response situations authorities need to react quickly and get to the location as fast as possible. A command center from which to coordinate and direct rescue operations is often the first vehicle to arrive.
When refugees or displaced persons are involved beds and housing facilities are urgently required. In this case the MaxShack can be fitted out to accommodate large numbers of people with beds and bathroom facilities. If there is a large movement of people the MaxShack can be easily rigged down and moved to the next location.

Command Center

A fully equipped MaxShack is well suited to be a mobile command center. It can comfortably hold 3 or 4 large offices,a bedroom, plus a kitchen, bathroom facilities and full services. With 3 times more space than a single shack similar to the photo opposite and requiring the same standard trucks, its the fastest way to get onsite.

The MaxShack can be deployed to a suitable site and be setup and running in 2 to 3 hours. No other type of rapid deployment facilities can match the size ( total space of 140m2) and convenience of a MaxShack

.. Replace your old command centers with the MaxShack..

inside bunks
Temporary Accommodation

Accommodation for refugees from either natural disasters or human tragedies can be quickly facilitated by mobilizing a MaxShack. Its solid construction provides a secure and safe area capable of holding up to 24 bunk beds and/or communal areas for kitchen and dining and 4 showers.

The MaxShack comes with a floating floor, insulated walls, Sefar Tenara waterproof roof material which is unaffected by UV rays, acid rain or salt water and is translucent, pre-figured with power outlets on all walls, fittings to connect to existing infrastructure and use of solar mats or a portable generator for power and lights. 

inside bunks
MaxShack Benefits
Rapid Response
The MaxShack offers unlimited building options, easily transported and ready for immediate deployment - Anywhere and Anytime.

MaxShacks have been designed to withstand gale force winds and are fully insulated with hard walling options for internal rooms, including air condition units to accommodate varying weather conditions. Full catering facilities can also be incorporated into the MaxShack if required.

Services Available
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