Version 2 MaxTanks now available. Same container footprint - Massive 2500 Bbls capacity - Call Maxtank now.............. Version 2 MaxTanks now available. Same container footprint - New Solar powered opening/closing system enables the tanks to hold even more fluid - Call Maxtank now.............. Version 2 MaxTanks now available. Version 2 is the same size as a Standard High Cube Container so the ease of transportation is maintained. It now holds the equivalent to over 5 conventional frac tanks - Call Maxtank now.............. Version 2 MaxTanks now available. The most economical way to store large volumes of fluid. Check out all the new features - Call Maxtank for a quote now..............
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Oil prices rises to continue

There has been a lot of pessimism among oil investors in recent months, and indeed the bear market over the last couple of years in black gold has destroyed many nest eggs. With that said, oil investors who have run for the hills could find themselves regretting that decision in the months and years to come....more

Scientists suggest Aliens are harnessing energy from this star

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction as the old adage goes. Scientists at Penn State studying a distant star called KIC 8462852 have released a new study postulating that based on the light it is emitting, an alien race may ...more

MaxTanks ready for shipment

Two new MaxTanks have almost been completed and are currently undergoing testing. After painting and inspection the two tanks will be ready for shipment later this month....more


MaxTank is an Australian company focused upon providing highly mobile and innovative engineering solutions for the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors. Our first major project has been the design, development and implementation of the MaxTank expandable fluid storage tank.(patent pending)

We are also a provider of optimisation services to local industry and are regularly involved in new product development and engineering.Through our innovation initiative, MaxTank has applied for a number of international patents, including the MaxShack and MaxTrak. The MaxShack is a highly mobile, rapidly deployed, large building. The MaxTrak is a remote controlled caterpillar unit which can be used to safely and easily move large equipment.
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